Hany Elrashidy, MD
Sports Medicine
Knee Injury
Hip Injury
Shoulder Injury
PRP Injection
Hany Elrashidy, MD
Dr. Elrashidy is an Orthopedic Surgeon with subspecialty training in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy and Shoulder Surgery.
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Jymmin: How a combination of exercise and music helps us feel less pain

Jymmin: How a combination of exercise and music helps us feel less pain

Pain is essential for survival. However, it could also slow rehabilitation, or could become a distinct disorder. How strongly we feel it depends on our individual pain threshold. Scientists have discovered that this threshold can be increased by a new fitness method called Jymmin. It combines working out on gym machines with free musical improvisation -- and makes us less sensitive towards physical discomfort.

Source: Science Daily

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