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Similar clinical outcomes found with, without acromioplasty after rotator cuff repair

Similar clinical outcomes found with, without acromioplasty after rotator cuff repair

Source: Healio

After rotator cuff repair, study results showed no difference in clinical outcomes with or without acromioplasty at 2 years postoperatively.

Researchers randomly assigned 114 patients undergoing arthroscopic repair of full-thickness rotator cuff tears into acromioplasty or non-acromioplasty groups. Along with physical examination, which included range of motion and dynamometer strength testing, the researchers collected the Simple Shoulder Test, American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, Constant, University of California — Los Angeles and SF-12 health assessment scores and recorded intraoperative data, including tear size, repair configuration and concomitant procedures.

The researchers reviewed preoperative imaging to classify the acromial morphologic type, acromial angle and lateral acromial angulation.

Overall, 95 patients were available for a minimum of 2-year follow-up. Study results showed no significant differences in baseline characteristics, including number of tendons torn, repair configuration, concomitant procedures and acromion type and angles. All functional outcome scores improved significantly from preoperatively to all follow-up time points in both groups.

Additionally, there were no significant differences in functional outcomes between the two groups or between patients with different acromial features at any time point, according to the researchers.

Disclosure: See the study for a full list of all authors’ relevant financial disclosures.


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